Komorebi is japanese for the light breaking through the canopy. It is also the name of our setting, the Cuvodets' (Coo-vo-dey.) planet.
The planet is mostly evenly spread forests, lush with undergrowth, flowers and life. There are areas where the forest becomes dark and the trees grow higher than the clouds, but most intelligent life chooses not to venture into those parts, in fear of becoming lost or... becoming someone's lunch.
The Cuvodet are a species that has a similar build as a deer, but are the height of a moose and have teeth that can crush bone. They are one of the most powerful predators on the planet as a single hunter,but there are other creatures that can outmatch them in speed or skill. However, predators do not often cross paths, as the planet is plentiful in prey that will be seen throughout the comic.
Cuvodet are quite a social animal, it is very rare to see them alone, despite being physically able to survive solo. They live in herds, that will form territories. Most territories are simply just to remind their own herd on where they are safe, rather than to keep others out. However some kings may be more territorial than others.
Fights between cuvodet are often quickly split up by other onlookers, but if there is no intervening figure, they can turn deadl quite fast. It is useful to note that this species does NOT use their antlers in battle, simply as decoration. to their form.